Mediation Options Webinar

Our webinar on Mediation Options is taking place from 5 to 6 pm on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

Neighbours feeling unsafe because of nasty words that have been exchanged; co-parents arguing about who gets Christmas day with the kids; siblings driven apart by who gets the family cottage… there are some conflicts that a legal approach will not resolve. Mediation Services’ community program facilitates these kinds of difficult conversations to help parties find a resolution that works for their situation. Additionally, we offer a court diversion process that provides a legal alternative to the traditional criminal justice system.

The webinar is free, but you must register:  Registration

Our presenters are Jasmine Schulz and Kriz Crusado from Mediation Services.

Jasmine Schulz has been a mediator with Mediation Services since 2011. Over the years she’s had the opportunity to facilitate over 125 mediations on various contexts ranging from victim-offender, family conflict, neighbourhood, and workplace mediations. She is on the executive on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada as well as the Manitoba affiliate. Her passion for mediation comes from understanding the pain and frustration of unresolved conflict, and a desire to see relationships restored.

Kriz Cruzado works at Mediation Services as a caseworker/mediator. She finished her MA in Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development at the Canadian Mennonite University. Prior to coming to Canada in 2016, Kriz was involved in conflict resolution initiatives in the Philippines for 15 years.