Lawyers and Legal Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are lawyers’ offices still open?

    Many lawyers are working remotely, but are still working. You may have to call around.

  • Can I still apply for Legal Aid?

    Yes you can, but you will have to apply online or by calling 1-866-800-8056.

    View online application.

  • How do I qualify for Legal Aid?

    Legal Aid decides by looking at your financial situation and the type of legal case that you have. Your financial situation includes how much money you make, how many people are in your family, and what assets and debts you have. If you want a separation or divorce, Legal Aid will look at your income separate from your partner’s income.

    You can see Legal Aid’s financial guidelines here

    You can see more information on whether your case qualifies for Legal Aid here

    View Legal Aid Manitoba’s website.

  • How are lawyers doing business differently as a result of COVID-19?

    Many lawyers are working from home or working remotely. Many lawyers are not seeing clients in person. Lawyers may be meeting with clients by phone or using video-conferencing. There have been changes to how documents have to be witnessed and about client identification. The Land Titles Office is allowing video witnessing of transfers and other documents.