Child Protection Webinar

Learn about Child Protection with David Joycey.

David Joycey has 28 years of legal experience, practicing both as a supervising attorney with Legal Aid Manitoba and as a member of the private bar.

With a career that spans the Atlantic, Mr. Joycey, a graduate of Cambridge and London Universities, worked as a teacher in England before emigrating.  Arriving in Canada, he taught grades five to eight in a two-room schoolhouse in Northern Ontario before being ordained as a United Church of Canada minister and serving a rural pastoral charge in the Ottawa valley.  Hired by The Children’s Home of Winnipeg (now New Directions for Children Youth and Families), Mr. Joycey relocated to Winnipeg where for several years he was a program manager, writing proposals for innovative client-specific programs and supervising staff in specialized placements.  Finally, Mr. Joycey entered law school at the University of Manitoba and was called to the Bar in 1994.

Since retiring from Legal Aid Manitoba in 2015, Mr. Joycey has continued to make child protection a major part of his practice, representing both parents and children opposing child welfare agencies’ applications.  It is his belief that this area of law offers unique opportunities to develop skills of communication and negotiation which are invaluable assets for any practitioner.

The webinar starts at 5 pm, October 25th.

The webinar is free, but you must register.  Registration