Public Legal Education Associations:

Canada Sites:

Manitoba Sites:

(Note: None of these apps are affiliated with CLEA. There may be costs associated with some of these apps.)

  • All Canadian Laws (Android) – Database of Canadian legislation and regulations
  • BadgeCanada (Android) – Information about criminal offences, including fines
  • Best Law Dictionary Offline (Apple iOS) – Searchable legal terms with definitions
  • CanadaByLaw (Apple iOS) – Information about immigrating to Canada
  • Canadian Law List (Android) – A list of Federal acts and regulations
  • Cop Watch (Apple iOS) – Allows users to record police interactions and upload directly to YouTube
  • Law Lexicon (Apple iOS) – Access to Black’s Law Dictionary, for legal terms
  • Pocket Law (Android) – A series of apps containing information about different areas of the law, including criminal, immigration, copyright, and cannabis law.
  • Snowbird (Apple iOS) – Allows users to keep track of time out of the country and alerts of important milestones for tax purposes
  • WorkSafe (Apple iOS) – Information about youth rights in the workplace