Family Law

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For a very good overview of family law, take a look at Family Law in Manitoba on the Manitoba Justice website. The 2014 edition is available in hard copy.

Other resources you may find useful:

FAQ section of our website:

Video – How to Conduct Yourself in Court:

Manitoba Courts Video: What to Expect When Attending Court:

For legal information or a referral to a lawyer – our Law Phone-In & Lawyer Referral Program:

For more publications about family law, our Publications Section:

The following links to resources may also be helpful:

Changing Child Support Orders
The Guide to Changing Child Support Orders booklet available on the Manitoba Justice Website:  .

Manitoba Courts Videos:

Variation of a Child Support Order

Suspending a Child Support Order

Child Support Guidelines
Information, tables and calculators are available on the Justice Canada site.

Divorce – Uncontested 
We’ve included sections from our Uncontested Divorce Guide:

If you would like to order our Uncontested Divorce Guidecontact us. The cost is $25 ($30 if we are mailing it out) You can also pay by Pay Pal at:

You may also want to view Manitoba Courts videos:

How to fill out a petition or petition for divorce

Uncontested Affidavit Divorce

Enforcing Family Law Court Orders (2016)

Guide on Enforcement of Court Orders in Manitoba

Family Law Fact Sheets (2016)

Child Support

Custody and access

Separation & Divorce

Spousal Support

French Fact Sheets (2016)

Garde et droit de visite

La séparation et le divorce

Pension alimentaire pour enfants

Prestation alimentaire matrimoniale

Grandparent Access
The Guide for Grandparents and Extended Family Members Applying for Access is available on the Manitoba Families Website.

We’ve also included videos about Division of Family Property and Spousal Support.

Parenting Plans
Justice Canada has on-line publications dealing with parenting plans.

Protection Orders
Community Legal Education Association has a publication called:  Court Orders for Your Protection

The Manitoba Courts have a Guide for Application to Set Aside/Vary/Revoke a Protection Order as well as videos:

How to apply for a protection order

How to Set Aside / Vary / Revoke a Protection Order

Single Parents

Take a look at our publication Legal Tips for Single Parents