As a result of COVID-19 we transitioned from in-person Community Legal Intermediary Training Courses to Webinars.

The webinars are free, but you must register.

Our next webinar will be on Family Law with Len Fishman of Fishman Beley Law Office, on Tuesday, October 11th at 5 pm.  Register here.

Webinar Schedule:

October 11th – Family Law  – Registration

October 18th – Consumer Law – Registration

October 19th — Working With Your Family Lawyer – Registration

October 25th – Child Protection – Registration

October 26th — Child and Family Services in Cases Involving Intimate Partner Violence – Registration

November 1st – Youth Criminal Justice – Registration

November 2nd — Traumatic Brain Injury in Intimate Partner Violence – Registration

November 8th – Employment & Income Assistance – Registration

November 15th – Criminal Law – Registration

November 29th – Intimate Partner Violence – Registration

December 6th – Small Claims Court – Registration

The Community Legal Intermediary Training Course (CLI) is a program for individuals who are often called upon to help others in the community with legal problems, whether in the role of a worker, friend or community leader.  The program provides participants with basic knowledge about our laws and legal system, and informs them about the proper role of a legal intermediary.

We’ve recorded many of our webinars.  Check under the Videos tab.