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For more Family Law publications and information see Unrepresented Litigants Tab.

Fact Sheets – English (2023)

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Manitoba Probate Guide for Small Estates (2023)

Read this first: Probate Guide – Read this First

Next, choose which of the 4 situations your estate fits under.  Go to that section and only use that section and the steps and forms for that section.

  1. Estate up to $10,000 – Estates up to $10,000
  2. Estate over $10,000 where there is a will – For Executors
  3. Estate over $10,000 where there is no will – For Administrators
  4. Estate over $10,000 where there is a will but no Executor – Administration with Will Annexed

Youth Justice

Brochures (2014)

Fact Sheets – English (2014)

Fact Sheets – Français (2014)

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