Court Offices – The Manitoba Courts Website has the locations of Provincial Court Offices, King’s Bench Court Offices and the Court of Appeal.

Court Rules – Court of King’s Bench Rules for civil matters including small claims, family law matters, wills & estate matters.

Links for other rules – Court of Appeal, Criminal Appeal Rules, etc.


Charterpedia – Legal information about the Charter and information about the purpose of each section.

Federal Laws including consolidated acts and regulations.

Provincial laws


If you would like to find cases and do legal research, try Canlii (which stands for Canadian Legal Information Institute)

We’ve produced a video on doing legal research:  Introduction to Legal Research

You might want to take a look at:  Reading and Understanding Case Reports:  A Guide for Self-Represented Litigants

If you are in Winnipeg, you may want to use the Law Library at the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba – 4th Floor – 224 Dysart Road

How to Conduct Yourself in Court