Internet Resources

The following Internet Resources may be useful for teachers and non-teachers.

Note:  Federal laws apply all across the country. Provincial laws are different from province to province, so be careful when using a resource from another province.

Canadian Legal Information Institute
To find various court decisions and federal and provincial statutes and regulations.

Community Legal Education Association

Copyright Matters 
This booklet focuses on copyright as it relates to schools.  Publication on the website of Council of Ministers of Education of Canada.

Courts in Manitoba
Information about the courts in Manitoba and court process as well as a glossary of legal terms.

Criminal Law Procedure 
Summary of a criminal law case step by step. (Manitoba Justice)

Employment Standards Manitoba
English as a Second Language Teacher Resources for levels 3 & 4 and 5- 7.  Includes lesson plans, resource section,student photocopies and audio files (young workers, uniforms, hours worked, unpaid leaves, termination).

Justice Education Society 
Explore their YCJA site and their lesson plans (The Law and You, Criminal Law, Civil Law and The Justice System).

Also explore their mock trials – scripted (2 civil, 10 criminal), non-scripted (3 elementary and 3 advanced)

Law Faculty – University of Manitoba 
Information for students interested in going to Law School.

Laws of Manitoba 
Manitoba Statutes, Regulations, Court Rules and Forms on-line.

Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
Information on How Laws are made.

Resources include:

  • Lesson Plans for grades 3 to 12 (Early Years, Middle Years, Senior Years and Multi-Years)
  • Activity Booklet
  • Student Scripts
  • Video Series – 9 videos (Inside the Legislative Assembly, Rules of the House, Speech from the Throne, Routine Proceedings, How a Bill Becomes Law, The Budget, Standing Committees, The Speaker of the House, Outside the Legislative Assembly)

Ontario Justice Education Network
Resources include mock trials and case summaries.

Parliament of Canada

Resources include:

  • Parliamentary Primer
  • Publications about Parliament
  • How Canadian Govern Themselves
  • Our Country, Our Parliament
  • Classroom Activities
  • Teacher Resources

Supreme Court of Canada
Under Resources – Resources for Teachers section – products available to order or download: Supreme Court of Canada brochure, Pamphlet, Poster, Youth Activity Book, Mock Trial.

Try Judging
An on-line interactive program that introduces students to the role of judges in the Canadian judicial system.  Includes student resources (5 case scenarios:  Drugs in the backpack, Hotel sues youths who damage hotel room, Teacher sued for assaulting student, Bail Hearing in armed robbery case, and The Protest), teacher resources (videos, lesson plans and teaching modules).

Youth Justice
Educational tools for teaching the Youth Criminal Justice Act available on Justice Canada’s website.