Volunteer Week – April 24 to April 30

This week is National Volunteer Week. CLEA would like to acknowledge our many volunteers, without whom we could not deliver our programs.

We would like to thank our Board of Directors:  President – Sarah Thurmeier, Vice-President – Melissa Serbin, Teasurer – Eldene Spencer, Secretary – Mary-Ellen Wayne, Stacia Franz, Gabriel Chung, Carson Chen and Katie Olson.

We would like to thank all of our presenters from this past year:  Monica Adeler, Kara Bashutski, Silvana Buccini, Kathy Bueti, Karen Burwash, Alastair Clarke, Kriz Cruzado, David Davis, Len Fishman, Dan Gilson, Laurie Gordon, Sam Goszer, Daniel Hildebrand, Leita Kalinowsky, Robynne Kazina, Tanya Keller, Kirk Kirby, Leah Klassen, Michael Lazar, Candace Olson, Jeff Palamar, Shea Peplinskie, Ingrid Pflug, Donn Pirie, Nalini Reddy, Wayne Rose, Jana Samolesky, Rebecca Sherman, Stacey Soldier, Anita Southall, Victoria Taylor, John Thullner, Sharon Tod, Jennifer Unger, Tyler Warren, Althea Wheeler, Michael Williams, and Norm Yusim.

We would also like to thank the law students working through ProBono Students Canada who created new videos for us.  Thank you to Dominique Gibson, True Dash and supervising lawyer Karine Pelletier and Vicky Liu, Chi Zhang, Victoria McGahey, and Pavan Takhar.

Thank you all for giving your time and expertise!