Law Phone-In and Lawyer Referral Program

Funded by the Law Society of Manitoba and The Manitoba Law Foundation, the Law Phone-In and Lawyer Referral Program provides general legal information over the phone in response to callers’ inquiries. Callers are also referred to appropriate law-related agencies where such an agency exists and the situation warrants it.

Where the caller requires legal advice and would like to be referred to a lawyer, a referral can be made from a list of about 130 lawyers who have chosen to register with the service.

If you are a lawyer interested in becoming part of our referral service, Click to download the online document which you can print and mail or fax  to CLEA - Lawyer Referral Application

Lawyers and callers can be matched on the basis of

  • geographical area
  • language
  • whether or not the lawyer offers “shut in” services
  • whether or not the lawyer has agreed to accept clients who qualify for Legal Aid
  • whether or not the lawyer takes contingency cases.

The Law Phone-In and Lawyer Referral Program has two Lawyers on staff, because of the high volume of calls, calls will be returned in the order they are received.

(Please note we are not an emergency Service)

The office hours for the service are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

There are two Winnipeg lines and a provincial toll-free line. During office hours, the caller will be asked to leave a brief message on the answering machine. (Please provide the following information: name, number, reason for your call and times you can be reached.)

To reach the Law Phone-In and Lawyer Referral service, call 204-943-2305 or toll free 1-800-262-8800 (from outside Winnipeg only please).

For a referral to a lawyer only, you can call 204-943-3602. (Please note this line is for a referral to a lawyer only.  For legal information questions, please call 204-943-2305 or check out our frequently asked questions section on our website.)

If you would like to receive a referral to a lawyer only by e-mail please contact us.

Please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • If you would like a referral to a lawyer in Winnipeg, any particular part of the city?
  • If you would like a referral to a lawyer outside Winnipeg, where?
  • Please describe your problems briefly.
  • Do you qualify for Legal Aid ? (Note Legal Aid does not appoint in all areas of law.)
  • Do you require a lawyer on a contingency basis?
  • Do you require a lawyer who provides shut-in services? (Primarily for Wills / Estate matters.)
  • Do you have a language preference ?

The Lawyer Referral Service was set up by the Law Society of Manitoba. It is designed to help people find a lawyer when they do not know any lawyers, or when they are looking for a lawyer who is prepared to assist them in a particular branch of the law. Lawyers who register with the service can specify up to 3 different areas of practice.

Although all the lawyers participating in the Lawyer Referral Service are qualified to practice law, neither Community Legal Education Association nor the Law Society of Manitoba represent to clients that lawyers who take part in the service are specialists in any particular legal subject.

Referrals are made to lawyers on a rotation basis. The lawyer to whom you are referred will advise you during an interview lasting about a half hour. You will not be charged for this interview. If you need further legal help, you may (if the lawyer agrees) hire the lawyer at a fee to be decided between the both of you.