Family Law

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I able to take the For the Sake of the Children course?

    Yes, you are.  For the Sake of the Children is now being offered temporarily as an on-line course.

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  • Are the courts still hearing family law matters?

    All family matters set to proceed before a Master on or after May 25 will proceed. These matters may proceed remotely, for safety reasons.

    All family trials scheduled for May 26 or later will proceed as scheduled. Only people who are necessary to the trial will be allowed into court. Safety precautions will remain in effect at all court locations.

    For more information about whether your matter is proceeding, please contact your court centre:

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  • Are the courts still hearing child protection matters?

    Child Protection dockets started up again on April 15, 2020. Only agency counsel and lawyers for the parents will appear by teleconference. Parents can ask their lawyers to call them, so they can participate on speaker phone.

  • What if I cannot make my child or spousal support payments?

    You still have an obligation to pay support.  However, Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) has the authority to suspend enforcement of support if the payor’s circumstances have changed. You can get the Form for an Administrative Suspension at the following link:

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    Maintenance Enforcement Program has indicated that they are experiencing higher than usual telephone call volumes. If you need to request an administrative suspension of support payments or discuss enforcement you can e-mail at: .

  • What about parenting arrangements during COVID-19?

    The Manitoba Government has a fact sheet about parenting arrangements (custody and access) during COVID-19. The fact sheet talks about following court orders, being flexible and creative and provides links to other resources.

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